Culture and history in Switzerland warmest city

Locarno, situated on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, is Switzerland's warmest city and, with over 2300 hours of sunshine, the ideal place for sun worshippers. Here there are palm trees and lemon trees in the centre of the town and the lakeside promenade is lined with colourful flowers and benches inviting you to sit and relax.


Brissago - Locarno

Distance: 9.8 km
Car: 14 Min.
Bus: 20 Min.
Per feet: 2h 15 Min.

If you like to get up and away, you can take the panoramic cable-car and chair-lift up to the closest mountain, the Cardada/Cimetta, way up above Locarno, which in summer is a big attraction for paragliders and hang gliders, but in winter is an important area for skiing, sledging and winter hiking, with lovely views of Lake Maggiore.