Family person

"The most important club is the family"

Treasure hunt on the Brissago Islands

An exciting treasure hunt on the Brissago Islands for your child(ren).

Become a real pirate for a few hours and follow tracks through this mysterious place.

The pirates ask at the cash desk for a map and then follow the clues. Off you go, adventure awaits!

Take the regular boat from the hotel (10 minutes).

Embarkation: Scalinata alla Riva, 6614 Brissago | Boat trip



Lama trekking

The family excursion to Monte Comino with a difference.

Discover the beautiful Centovalli with unusual companions who will take the weight off your shoulders.

Can be arranged on any day subject to booking in advance.

Go from the hotel by car to Verdasio  (30 minutes) and then on foot (45 minutes) or by cable car to Monte Comino.

Take bus no. 316 to Locarno, the Centovalli Railway to Verdasio and then on foot for 45 minutes (total 1 hr 50 minutes)

 Address: Nucleo di Verdasio 1, 6655 Verdasio



Go hunting the way the "berkutschi" have done in Asia since ancient times.

Watch these magnificent birds of prey circling above your head.

There are also storytelling sessions for the little ones. Every Tuesday – Sunday.

From the hotel take bus no. 316 to Ascona San Materno and continue on foot (20 minutes).

Address: Via delle Scuole 12, 6600 Locarno

Parco Gordola

Inside every man there is a child. Discover Gordola from way up high. An outdoor rope park where you can put your sense of balance to the test. For children too, of course, but they must be over 1.20 m tall.

From the hotel take bus no. 316 to Via della Pace, then line 1 to Tenero Centro Commerciale and continue on foot (10 minutes). By car (20 minutes).

Address: Via Tratto di Fondo 2A, 6596 Gordola


Would you like to get an overview of the whole of Switzerland while spending time in one of its most beautiful regions? Then don't miss the Swissminiatur Park! It's a magical place and an absolute must for anyone holidaying in Ticino or Northern Italy.

Here in the open air you'll find Switzerland in miniature. The park is in Melide, a romantic village on the shores of Lake Lugano, surrounded by famous mountains such as Monte Generoso, Monte San Salvatore and Monte San Giorgio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In an area measuring 14,000 square metres, visitors can admire over 120 man-made models of Switzerland's most famous buildings, monuments and modes of transport, all on a scale of 1:25. A 3560 m long model railway with 18 trains runs round the park, over bridges and through stations - and it's not only the children who love it! There are boats on the lakes, cars driving on the motorways and cable cars and funicular railways running up and down the mountains.

Can be reached from the hotel in 50 minutes by car.

Open April – October 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Address: Swissminiatur SA, 6815 Melide