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"Pulling your own leg is always the hardest form of exercise." - Werner Finck


There are countless footpaths to explore in Ticino. We have put together some suggestions for both individual non-guided and guided walks.

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Water sports

Stand-up paddleboarding
You can hire a stand-up paddleboard from the hotel. If you can keep your balance, you'll have lots of fun on the water!

CHF 15.00 per hour/person

2-person kayak
Also available to hire from the hotel: a kayak for a charming excursion on the lake, just for the two of you.

CHF 20.00 per hour/person 

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This offer is valid exclusively for our hotel guests.


Explore Ticino through its numerous beautiful biking routes. We have put together 2 interesting tours for you:

Bike routes


Bungee jumping

According to a global survey, it was the best stunt in film history: James Bond's leap from the 220-metre-high Verzasca Dam in the film "GoldenEye". The GoldenEye bungee jump is the ultimate adrenaline kick on Lago di Vogorno.

Price CHF 255.00

Drive from the hotel by car (30 minutes) or take bus no. 316 to the station in Locarno and then line 321 to Sonogno (1 hr)

Address: Via Valle Verzasca, 6596 Gordola

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Canyoning – the last word in intense experiences. A sparkling, nerve-tingling adventure, breathtaking and refreshing, a group experience that you'll remember for years to come!

Canyoning is a new sport involving climbing down waterfalls in the mountains on foot, where there are no footpaths. Obstacles on the route include the natural slides, pools and waterfalls that you have to overcome with the help of ropes, or by jumping, sliding or climbing down them.

You can try canyoning at various places all over Ticino. If you're looking for adventure and adrenaline, come and be swept off your feet by the water in our turbulent rivers - while being kept perfectly safe at all times, of course.

Canyoning in the Boggera river in the Valle di Cresciano

Lasts approx. 4 hours, of which about 2 hours are spent in the gorge.

Price CHF 150.00 | 1 hour from the hotel by car

Address: Via Cantonale, 6705 Cresciano


Fly in tandem over the city of Ascona-Locarno and Lake Maggiore, then as a grand finale land on the beach at the mouth of the river Maggia. The adventure begins up on our closest mountain, Cimetta. Make sure you don't forget your swimsuit, so you can take a refreshing leap into the clear water after your flight.

Adults: CHF 180.00

Drive from the hotel by car (15 minutes) or take bus no. 316 to Locarno station, then line 2 to Lido (30 minutes)

Address: Via Gioacchino Respini 7, 6600 Locarno

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Climbing in Ticino

Ticino is a paradise for all climbing enthusiasts. There are over 70 climbing walls of different kinds, just waiting to be climbed. In the Verzasca and Onsernone valleys, or on the "Denti della Vecchia" ("old woman's teeth" mountain) near Lugano, adventure and excitement are guaranteed. However, without a doubt the most spectacular climbing wall in Ticino is up the side of the dam on Lago Luzzone in the Blenio valley.

Can be reached from the hotel by car or, most of the way, by bus and train.