Ticino's capital, full of charm and atmosphere

Lugano is the biggest town in Ticino and, with its conference, banking and business centres, is not only Switzerland's third most important financial centre but also an attractive town full of parks, stately villas and sacred buildings. It is a world-class city, but one which has retained the charm of a small town and a southern ambience.


Brissago - Lugano

Distance: 50.1 km
Car: 54 Min.
Bus/train: 1h 58 Min.
Per feet: 9h 15 Min.

City of culture and art

Lugano is also a city of art and culture with a great deal to offer, not least the high quality of exhibitions such as those at the Museo Cantonale d’Arte  which include paintings by Klee, Jawlensky and Renoir. Famous personalities such as Luigi Snozzi and Mario Botta  have helped bring the region into high esteem for its architecture and are probably the most famous representatives of the Ticino school.


Dive into the nature

Lovers of nature and hiking will also find lots to do in Lugano. There's a wonderful footpath leading from Monte Brè, one of the two mountains closest to the town, down to the village of Brè, which still retains its typical Ticino-style village centre and contains many fine works of art. Another lovely walk goes from Monte San Salvatore via Carone to Morcote on Lake Lugano and from there you can take the boat back to Lugano.