"Life is too short to drink bad wine." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In addition to their fantastic wines, they also make balsamic vinegar here which is every bit as good as the original from Modena.

Enjoy an extensive wine tasting accompanied by a cold buffet of Ticino specialities.

Every Tuesday (min. 6 people).

Can be booked in advance, including for individuals or couples. (Tasting sessions only take place with the minimum no. of people)

Don‘t drink and drive – We'll take you there in the hotel bus, sober, and bring you back again, not quite sober.

Package: CHF 45.00 per person


Airolo demonstration dairy

Make your own cheese in a Ticino dairy under the guidance of a real specialist. Airolo produces only top-quality cheeses and you will be sent yours after it has matured. The most well-known types are Gottardo, Tremola and Lucendro.

Advance booking essential.

Can be reached by car (1 hr 10 minutes) or by public transport (2 hrs 30 minutes)